F.A.O. Website: Agris

F.A.O. hired me as external consultant to develop the front-end of its third most important website: AGRIS http://agris.fao.org, a global public database that provides the access to bibliographic information on agricultural science and technology.

The aforementioned web application has 520.000 page daily views and contains over 8 million bibliographic references on agricultural research and technology & links to related data resources on the Web, like DBPedia, World Bank, Nature, FAO Fisheries and FAO Country profiles.

I performed a UX study, including a Google Analytics overview and the definition of personas and scenarios.
I also created the mockups on Photoshop and I wrote the code of the responsive interface in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript. Furthermore, we collaborated in the fine-tuned integration with the Java backend application.

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Agris FAO

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